a powerful grace

iHear//::your decision:: by alice in chains
iWear//black tank over white tee.bermuda jean shorts.black&&pink heart knee socks.patent buckle chucks
iRead//xmen comics
iWatch//nothing currently
iTaste//shamrock shakes
..iBowl [[tonight with b]]..


another song of the moment::

::the grace:: by neverending white lights ft dallas green

powerful lyrics matched with nice music && incredible vocals
dallas green sings for the screamo band alexisonfire..but has also ventured off on his own && into city&&colour
i can’t choose which band i like better..dallas does both styles of music justice
his solo stuff has more of a raw quality to it..no screaming&&no heavy music..so if you prefer that it’s better for you..but either way..check it out

.love it like i do.
>>in better days i’ve been known to listen//i go to waste all my time is missing
i’m mapping out my ending//it’s never gonna happen now
these things are condescending with everybody backing down
you pray to stars that can help you get by && all at once you forget to try
i’d go there if you let me//they’re never gonna find me now
my life is always empty//&& in&&out of doubt..
i’ll get back to you//god knows I try but i still lose
&& i get back to you//these days run by but i still lose
angels say they can make you suffer//they give && take like a vicious lover
when all this loses meaning you’ll never want it back somehow
awake but still i’m dreaming && never waking up
you’re not coming back for me//these things they will never be
i’m so used to being wrong so put me where i belong..
alone where i’m not alone//alone<<

it sounds to me like its about someone just trying their best to make something work out but it never works//that’s a heartbreaking feeling


>>our legs begin to break//we’ve walked this path for far too long//my lungs they start to ache but still we carry on..i won’t give up on you//these scars won’t tear us apart//so don’t give up on me<<

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~ by jessicaxgenocide on February 27, 2010.

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